I am Roma Panjabi

A 5 year experienced Graphic Designer with knowledge of Web Development and Digital Marketing

Experienced In

Adobe Photoshop 85%
Adobe Illustrator 75%
Website Designing 80%
Social Media Marketing 80%

Areas of work

1. Customer Communication

Today, communication methods are strongly taking very important role in marketing like - physical marketing or digital marketing. Few years back, we did not have any communication opportunity to brand or promote our products. Today, technology is growing, we have n number of platforms where we can reach to our customers.

2. Digital Marketing

It is very important to understand the benefit of digital marketing which directly affects the profitablity of old entity or new entity. There are several techniques and ways for digital marketing but before promoting a product, one has to analyse the prospects and earning opportunities, profitability from a digital marketing organzation. From my point of view, to get maximum traffic on website or to reach maximum audience is the ultimate goal.

3. Visual Media

Visual Media has two main subparts:

a. Print Industry

I strongly believe about the potentiality of the print industry specially newspaper, magazine, brochure, promotional stationaries have a huge specific market and I always focus in these empty markets or vacant markets and I also promote to stabilize with my organization.

b. Online Industry

From my perspective, India is growing with online and digital media where people are connected socially, personally and commercially. This is the place where digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) takes place. I expect 2020-22, a huge opportunity will abe visibe for upcoming digital marketing companies.

4. Importance of Online Presence

Why online presence is important?

It is imporant for a business community or a simple retailer, both want to sell their products. At present, all people are connected with different social media platforms and it is very necessary to have your own business identity. For business identity, we have to follow two steps:

a. Online Presence:

One should have a URL. URL is the identity or presence authenticity of that particular entity. Google is providing store location where one can branf their store with details, images and it will be published globally.

b. Offline Presence:

It totally depends on the market which you are targeting. Most of the time it covers minimum market, locality, city or state.


Highly experienced in keyword finding tools in SEO from five years as a freelancer in the field of online services like digital marketing and SEO. Digital Marketing Certification by Google. Certified from Government Recognized Institution.

Graphic Design

Design depends on the view point of a person. If a canvas is a piece of art for a designer then it can be of no importance to the person who is not from the field of art. Graphic Designers are digital artists that make your eyes see what you want to see and show others through the creative.

Web Design

A website can reach to places where you might never reach. Make it attractive and set an example with the differnece you can create when someone reaches to your website. Create something unique everytime.

Web Development

Web Development is a part of what is called a the experience of a user when the user has complete the visit and was able to find the required in the apropiate place. This helps the user to be nonhesitant while visiting the website. Make it Simple Make it Elegant!!


Using the right set of words can always attract a person to you. Same rule goes with Search Engine Optimization. Keywords are the most important. Perfect placement and correct usage make a lot of difference in web world as well as in human world.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is important. People visit sites more than places in the 21st century. Marketing done in best possible way with the right amount of information given to the customer, along with making the digital platform a place where most sales takes place.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is place where most of users lives are spent nowadays. A user cannot operate without it. Uploading and updating has become necessity in personal lives. This necessity is nowdays necessary for all the companies to grow and make their stand digitally.


Having 5 years of experience, I have completed more than 30 projects with successful clients in the field of Aviation, Teaching, Engineering, Technology, Food Industry, Media House, etc. As a web developer, I always believe in innovative, creative products where my valuable clients get maximum output from the digital market


A way to express what you think and tell to the world about it in your creative way and misture of words.

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Social Media Part of a Daily Routine


Has social media done good in our loves ir just ruined it by making us additive to it more and more.?